What elements does site promotion consist of?

To get a high level of site traffic, you need its visibility by search engines. It is very important to improve the web page from the technical side, bring the visualization to the maximum limit and dilute it with unique content.

Website promotion really should not be done by only one person. For these purposes, you need to work:

  • seo specialist;
  • marketer;
  • designer;
  • programmer;
  • coder;
  • content manager.

In combination, it turns out to achieve optimal results. Not only increase visibility for visitors, but also create a more friendly web resource that is interesting for everyone. If you can’t achieve your goal in any way, then there will be practically no benefit from the site.

What are the stages in website promotion?

The first is an analysis of the target audience and the presence of competitors. At this stage, you need the work of a marketer who knows how web pages work to increase sales. If these same sales are not there, then the point in creating an online store is lost.

Very often you can observe a situation where the customer uses any tricks to make the search engine recognize his site, but in the end nothing happens. In fact, the problem lies in improper planning, without a thorough study of the target audience and competitive habitat.

For effective promotion, it is important to form a primary semantic core. It consists of the main queries that may be of interest to potential customers. To dilute the collected semantics into groups, you will need to use specialized software. It is worth discarding inefficient requests, adding independent and commercial ones.

After that, the structure of the site is formed. Sections are prepared for each individual request, then subsections. It is mandatory to write fascinating articles. Also, meta tags and headings are created that the search engine will catch. It is very important to know about new products and apply them in the area in which the online store itself operates.

The terms of reference for internal optimization make the promotion complex. For these purposes:

  1. form links understandable for any person;
  2. remove duplicated pages;
  3. increase download speed;
  4. optimize filters;
  5. check the correct display in browsers;
  6. make a sitemap;
  7. configure multiple language versions.

Next, internal re-linking is carried out, which adds static weight and increases the speed of website promotion.

Do not forget about external optimization, building a link profile. This is important in those areas of activity in which competition is very high. The logic here is simple: the more links to the site, the higher the trust of visitors.