SEO website promotion: features and ranking in search engines

With the help of SEO promotion, an Internet resource can be promoted to improve visibility by consumers. This promotion can be internal or external. In the first case, the guideline is site optimization, and in the second, work is carried out with other sites to place links for the purpose of active promotion. Work with catalogs and popular forums plays a significant role.

Stages of site promotion

  1. To get a good result, you need to fill out a brief. It allows you to see the end goal and stick to it in the course of work. The terms of reference are drawn up based on the brief to bring the site to the standards of search engines.
  2. The main search queries are selected and the semantic core is formed. Then, using specialized software or manually, non-targeted requests are rejected.

Commercial requests are necessary for the successful promotion of the site. In this case, words such as: price, buy, cost, price, order, cheap, buy online and so on are welcome.

To specify the region of work, it is necessary to indicate the locality, city or region. These requests are called geo dependent. When using them, a lot more targeted visitors will go to the site, because the main goal is to turn interested people into leads.

Next, you need to set a task for a programmer, designer, layout designer and copywriter. Their joint work will lead to the improvement of the web page, the enhancement of the visual and technical aspects. Having made the content unique and informative, the next step is to study the promotion results. If necessary, adjust the strategy and further monitor the dynamics of keywords.

A detailed report makes it possible to see the progressive growth of the site. With the help of such a report, the customer sees what the SEO specialist is paying for. You need to understand that significant changes in a positive direction will be noticeable only 3-4 months after the start of SEO promotion.

How much does SEO promotion cost?

It is very difficult to answer this question unambiguously, because the matter is very individual. Much depends on the wishes of the customer, who can pay only for targeted actions or specific positions. The price is also affected by the niche in which the site operates, its target audience and brand statistics. Therefore, the issue of cost must be discussed separately for each specific order.