Methods to increase the position of the site in Google

To improve the position of a web page in a search engine, you need to work out the entire site. You need to optimize even those pages that are “not important” (for example, page 404). Loading speed is another important point for improving the position of the site itself. Modern users don’t want to wait a long time for a particular page to load, so the first thing to do is compress photos and make adjustments to the visual content of the site.

Key queries of a commercial nature have a positive effect on increasing the position of the site. It is necessary to use the following words in the content: order, buy, price, online store, delivery, etc.

The Duda Mobile service allows you to optimize a web page for mobile devices. This is quite important, because a huge number of users are looking for what they need on the Internet from their smartphones. During optimization, the milestone should not change, and the target action buttons should be easily accessible to the user.

Constant analysis of the target audience is vital for the development of the site. The BERT search algorithm makes it possible to use long keyword queries in descriptive texts. Each position can be supplemented with useful, relevant and informative information. The average length of one article should not be less than 2.5 thousand characters.

Before clicking on the site, the user sees a short description. These are meta tags that need careful work. The potential client must make sure that he will benefit from the transition to this web page. Relevant commercial queries should be present in meta tags, which are about 170 characters long.

Analyze social networks and see what’s new there. Even correctly formulated and applied phrases from the social. networks will help increase the position of the site in the issuance of the search engine.