How much time is needed to promote the site?

Each site is individual and cannot be repeated, so it is impossible to set the exact time for the promotion of an Internet resource. Initially, you need to analyze the site itself, check for the presence or absence of technical errors. The answers to these questions will allow you to understand the approximate time required for its promotion.

It takes about two weeks to study the current state of the page. If you take a large online store into work, then the period may be delayed up to 5-6 months.

In order for the promotion to work constantly and be positive, you need to work on the web page constantly, monitor its condition and fill it with educational content. The promotion process cannot be periodic. It takes hard work to rank high in the SERPs. If you lose time, then recovery will require a lot of resources.

You may come across companies that promise results in a month. Immediately refuse such cooperation, because it is unrealistic, or prohibited methods of promotion will be used for promotion. As a result, this will negatively affect the further functioning of the site.

The main theme of the web resource also plays a significant role in the speed of promotion. For example, this is a very competitive field of activity that the company produces. To unwind it, you need more time and money. But if you optimize it for narrow queries, then in a couple of months you will see a positive result.

Thus, we can summarize that in order to calculate the spin-up time, the following must be taken into account:

  • niche of the company;
  • competitive environment;
  • used methods of site promotion;
  • training of a specialist who is engaged in promotion.

To attract users, it is important to place high-quality, competent content on the pages of the site. It should also be of benefit to visitors, attract and make them want to stay on this site. Thoughtful menu, interface and placement of “action” keys in prominent places (for example, “Buy”) will speed up the process of site promotion.